Please do reply ...Very Confused

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Hello everyone,
I am from Mumbai, India.I have just completed my B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication.I wish to pursue a Masters Degree in the field of telecommunication in september 2007 in the US of A.I just took the GRE exam a few days ago and now i'm busy with other applications and formalities needed for admission. These formalities will be done by november 2006 and i will be free for around 8 months.I was thinking about working somewhere but recently got to know of CWNA through a friend who suggested i think about obtaining a certificate in this course since it is related to the field of telecommunication.
Since my documents will have already been sent, none of the universities that i'll apply to will know if i have obtained a CWNA certification.Hence, will a CWNA certification help me to get a job after i finish my masters course.Also what do you people suggest i take ? CWNA test or any other examination.
I would also like to know that if the course is indeed helpful, how much time is approx. needed to prepare for the examinatoion and also are there any resources whether online or books that i need to refer for the same. Hope to hear from people soon.

P.S. : I know this mail is very long, but i would really appreciate it if you could answer my queries as i am really confused icon_confused.gif


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