I got a new JOB!!!

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I got a new job!

Today I just found out that I was offered a position with HCA Healthcare to be in their Network Support department! I’m just so happy I have to tell someone. I haven’t told my boss yet or my wife, I’m waiting until later to tell my wife but going to tell my boss at lunch.

Check out the job description.

3-7 years
This position will be responsible for deploying and supporting network security solutions for HCA. These solutions will require Security Engineer level knowledge skill sets for; Security technologies (Firewalls, CheckPoint, PIX/ASA), LAN/VLAN/WAN/MAN technologies, Layer 2 and 3, Cisco product base, Internet/VPN/SSL/IPSec, troubleshooting skillsets, network analysis (Wildpackets, TCPDump), capacity planning, OSPF/BGP routing protocols.

Job description:
Must be able to interact with and provide technical direction for end user departments and facilities. Outside relationships include company vendors, professional organizations, external auditors and consultants.
Close consultation with Network Engineering management to provide recommendations and/or advice on network performance or capacity direction.

The interview was hard, it was 2 hours long with four of their best and they just drilled me with technical questions, and had me draw diagrams on the board and troubleshoot stuff. But it was soo worth it. This was my second interview with this company but for a different department. Its hard to get with this company wow.

Sweet thing is I’m just 23 years old, and they are offering me 60,000 a year. I originally went in for just 54k but they bumped it up to 60!

Another sweet thing is, they are going to train me on all of these things! They know I have my CCNA but I only know just enough about cisco to get my CCNA they are going to teach me the rest.

I just wanted to post this also to let others know to hang in their with your job searches. I have been searching for another job for about a year. Don’t get me wrong I have been full time employed also. I have had MANY interviews with staffing agencies and companies with no avail. Until today! Just hang in there guys, it will happen!
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    Scwheet! Congratulations on the new job, and with the potential for more training.

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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    And with the aging Boomers, its a growth industry!
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    That's awesome!!! Perseverance does come through in the end, that's a fact.
  • jetdynamicsjetdynamics Member Posts: 129
    congrats mwill!!!

    What you said will really motivate me to keep looking for my new job
  • AlienAlien Member Posts: 398
    Congrats dude. That really is sweet.
    Hard times on planet earth.
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    wow! congratulations!

    learn all you can !
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    Fantastic! Congratulations!
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    I am happy for you. Now go show them what you're made of.
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    What other certifications do you have? I am preparing for MCSE certification.
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    I got to say im going on 22 and this is definetely motivation. Im the type to put in extra effort and stories like this just confirm my beliefs!!
    good job "give um hell" lol
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    Thanks for all your support guys!

    To answer the question about my certs, I have my CCNA, MCP, Network+, and DCSE (Dell cert).

    I'm glad it motivates some of you, as I hoped it would. I know I was thinking about giving up not too long ago myself.

    Thanks again guys!

    Wish me luck on Oct 16th, this will be my first day at the new job.
    Marcus Williamson
  • netteasernetteaser Member Posts: 198
    How was your 1st week on the job?
    How do you like it?
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    Congratulations! That sounds like an excellent opportunity. Let us know how it goes.
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    Well my first week was a great week.

    I'm a network engineer in the network support department. I'll be working with many Cisco devices and switches. Usualy troubleshooting them and runing bandwidth reports and researching slow WAN links for the Meditech application being used here. Also working directly with AT&T to upgrade circuits and to redesign their network if need be.

    I have access to all the 20,00+ switches and routers. Working with some MPLS and BGP also. Its is very awesome here.

    It feels like i'm going to college and getting paid for it. The guys are great and so is my manager.

    Currently right now i'm shadowing a guy, (hes out of town now though, so i'm shadowing another guy.)

    They told me it takes an average of 6 months to learn the network here and to be comfortable with the layout. I'll be shadowing these guys for about 3 months until i'm on my own. So you know its complex here.

    So overall i'm very happy here. I dont like the feel of a contract, but as i see it here, its very stable and most people contract here for about a year before they get hired by HCA full time anyways. Its a good track record that people do get hired on.

    Thanks for wanting to know!
    Marcus Williamson
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    Congradulations mwill, That is a great opportunity I wish you the best of luck. You motivate me you do the same.
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    Congrats on the new job and mostly the fact that you enjoy your new job. Getting a new job is one thing but enjoying it and getting along with everyone would be the icing on the cake. As for the contract, I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure you'll be hired full time once the contract is up.
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    Hate to keep this post going any longer but.. I just had to say, I learned today, that this job was between me and this other guy. The other guy works at NASA and has more hands on experince than I do.

    But the reason they picked me is because, my ambition, and I have my CCNA.

    They other guy did not, so this caused him not to get the job. They said it was equal between us, but my CCNA pulled me through.

    So guys moral of this story is. Certifications really can make a difference.


    Marcus Williamson
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    Thats awesome news!!! Thanks for sharing that last part!
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