ThroughPut Speeds for god sake

ricktearicktea Inactive Imported Users Posts: 118
How can I remember the "throughput"
speeds on everything, memory, cpu,
ports, and input devices. Does anyone
have a great table or chart that shows
the "Throughput Speeds' for all the
important components. Thanks. ric
Richard Krenzel


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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    It's gonna help you if you can use some of these things.

    This still means getting a lab setup, acquire some older equipment, start to hold, feel use, etc...

    then create a list/chart/flashcards (whatever is best for your study method). And practice.
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    oldtecholdtech Member Posts: 103
    Didn't get a single question on this in the exam, I gave up trying to memorize cpu cache levels etc. Whats the point of me knowing the level 2 cache size of a pentium 3, as far as I'm concerned ....none. IRQ's, comm ports fine .
    You seem quite irritated by this subject, my irritation was SCSI types and cable lenghts but again not a single question on SCSI in the exam. It was as if you where studying for an exam about football and they asked you questions about rugby!
    Take a look at prior post from people who have sat the exam and note the subjects that came up for them.
    I got IRQ's, comm ports a lot about laser printers some on ups and some weird stuff.
    Personnely I wouldn't try to memorize too much.

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