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Hello guys! I am certified A+/ Network+. I've heard that anybody who has A+ and Network+ can pursue to MSCA? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Can someone tell me what exams should I take? Also, should I choose Windows200? or 2003? Please advise. Thank you!


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    Anybody can pursue MCSA, there are no prerequisites for it. If you're talking about elective requirements, yes, A+ and Net+ together can be substituted for the MCSA elective (as can Security+).

    If you use the CompTIA certs for your elective, then you only have to take the two server OS tests and one client OS test. Otherwise, you have to take an elective test.

    Opinions may differ, but I would recommend the 2003 track, with XP as your client OS. If you know Server 2003, it would not be too hard to apply that knowledge in a 2000 environment.

    Good luck!
  • DknightDknight Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks Hawk! I'm planning to purchase a TrainSignal CD for me to watch and prepare for MSCA. What topic should I buy? I've decided to just self-study instead of enrolling into a school, which happens to be expensive icon_sad.gif (http://www.microtrain.net/). Do you know any good books about MSCA? Thanks in advance!
  • kujayhawk93kujayhawk93 Member Posts: 355
    I'm using self-study as well. I'm starting with 70-270 (Windows XP) and am using the Sybex Windows XP Professional Study Guide, 3rd Ed. I've heard that the Microsoft Press Training Kit is good too. I've never used any CBT stuff, other than practice exams, so I can't give you any input there.
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