CEH vs Security+

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Hi guys :) i am new in this forum. Hope i didnt post the same topic that has been post.

How hard is the Security+ exam compare to CEH ?


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    goforthbmerrygoforthbmerry Member Posts: 244
    The Security+ exam is a general security knowledge test. It covers the basics of several different areas. It is considered entry level for security. The CEH test on knowlege on specific tools and products. It is not really too similar to the Security+. It seems logical that you might want to take (or at least have the knowlege to pass) the security+ exam before you attempt the CEH.
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    seuss_ssuesseuss_ssues Member Posts: 629
    The security+ tests alot of general theory and security concepts.

    CEH tests specific knowledge on tools and methodology used for an attack.

    They do not directly compare to each other. That being said the theory learned from security+ could easily roll over and be applied to the CEH.
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    ndut2ndut2 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    ic thx you guys for the info
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