CompTIA Security+ to be refreshed?

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What do they mean?.....A totally new updated exam or updated new questions in the current one... icon_confused.gif
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    Who is "they"?
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    I got the email from CompTIA this morning that the test is going to be refreshed. Does this mean that the test has already been refreshed or there will be an announcement when the refresh is complete? I am scheduled to take the test this Saturday; I hope it does not effect the core material that is covered in the exam. I have been studying for weeks, I'd hate to come across a subject that I have not studied for.
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    i doubt VERY seriously it will affect you if you are taking it soon. Refreshed could mean they are thinking of updating the exam or it could mean they are creating new questions for the current exam. Not sure which this applies to, but either way I'm sure you will be fine :D
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    I got the email too. It simply means that they will be refreshing the content of the material to study and the exam questions so it current. You won't be affected yet and they'll more than likely announce when the new exam with come into effect anyway. Good luck on your exam.
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    I have been using a CompTIA security+ book and the Security+ Study Guide by Syngress to study for the exam. I have also been making my own flash cards to quiz myself. I have also taken a course at my college for my degree plan which was actually a study guide for this exam. I feel like I am well prepared... I just want to score as high as possible.
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    If you had done that much preparation I am sure that you will be covered with any new information that might be covered. In the end a pass is a pass. I understand that you want to do well, however, I don't believe your score is actually recorded on the certificate on anywhere relevent to job hunting.
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