Lab setup for 70-284?

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Hi all,

I've just finished my 70-291 exam and most of my home study was done on a PC and notebook, both with 2003 Server installed on them. I'm about to start ordering study material the 70-284 exam, and I just want to know if 2 installations of Server 2K3 is enough for a test lab.

I've read on one web page that I'll need a DC, front-end and back-end server. I'm thinking I can do all on them on two machines.

Any advice? I also have Exchange 2003 at work(no clustering though).


  • eurotrasheurotrash Member Posts: 817
    I would say that should suffice. I did mine with only one server... though I always get by with one server. My mind takes care of the rest.
    Oh, a good idea would be to have one server for Exchange 5.5, as there's a lot about upgrading from/cohabitating with a 5.5 environment.
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    that will work as said above worst case you could always run a virtual server on on of the macines as long as u have 1gb + of ram.
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    Omni, good idea about the standalone Exchange 5.5 server - probably is where does one get Exchange 5.5 in this day and age? I couldn't even find a trial version anywhere!
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  • eurotrasheurotrash Member Posts: 817
    Unfortunately I don't know where one could dl a trial, much less a full version.
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    Dude, there are no sims on 284... Lab is a great idea, but really really overkill.

    Exam is a breeze.
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  • LukeQuakeLukeQuake Member Posts: 579
    Trailerisf wrote:
    Dude, there are no sims on 284... Lab is a great idea, but really really overkill.

    Exam is a breeze.

    Sound good then, seen as 291 was a headache! :D
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