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Well i went to a link where i can download Linux 7.1, from some members on the forum that had posted in my other post. The problem i am experiencing is for one its not detecting my mouse, secondly it doesnt show anywhere where i can go to put the info in for the mouse. Then i get stuck on a screen that says where can Image be found, basically where are the ISO files kept. Well it gives me three choices, one is NFS IMAGE, FTP, HTTP. But i saved mine on a hardrive. So why isnt the harddrive in the list? then after i make a selection out of any one of those three stated, it takes me to a Device Screen. Their it says which driver should I try. What driver are they talking about? man i searching every where to have successful download of LINUX 7.1. Does anybody have another site i can go to that will have everything i need to get this installed properly? or what do i need to above?


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    Exactly what have you downloaded Cisco. My advice is to download the ISO images and burn them to disk - that is the easiest and most efficient way of installing.

    Dir = /pub/redhat/linux/7.1/en/iso/i386
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    my question is why 7.1

    Go download Red Hat 9.0, or if you have 30 bucks go to a Best Buy/Circuit City and pick up a copy of the standard Red Hat 9.0 distribution. icon_wink.gif
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    Working from a cd will definately make you life easier. If your new to linux, go for red hat 9.0 or the latest mandrake. They're a little more user friendly, and will make learning easier.
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