Which order to take MCSA exams?

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How would you suggest taking the exams? Will doing any of them first help in the studies for the others? I've been through college classes for 290 & 291, but was thinking of doing 270 first because I would be a little ahead on stuff like AD and the networking. How hard is 270 compared to 290 & 291? I've been using XP Pro for about 4 years, but am currently in a semi-programming position, so I don't have hands-on experience supporting XP clients on a network.
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    For me, I'm trying to get 291 first because it's the hardest. I figured I want to get it out of the way before I go for 270, and 290.
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    I think that depends on you and what you already know. I took the 70-290 exam first and am taking the 70-270 this month. There is a fair amount of overlap, but I heard someone who failed the 70-270 complain that you have to be familar with server to pass XP. I haven't take 70-270 yet, but I only believe that to a point. I have also heard others say that taking 70-270 first causes you to underestimate the difficulty of 70-290. Of course there are always those sick barstards who take 70-291 first! icon_lol.gif
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    I took them all out of order...
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    Personally, I did the exams in the following order:


    And I'd already done Security+, so the 70-270 was the last in the series. I did it that way because I didn't want to have a super-difficult exam as my last, saving me some heartache and worry when I was trying to complete the actual MCSA cert.

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    Passed 270 on second try and I am working on 290 now. Personally, I should have taken 290 considering the level of difficulty in 270.
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