910 on 70-290 Exam!!!

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Woohoo! Don't mean to gloat, but very happy with my exam score. Took about 2 hours to complete with 42 questions and quite a few simulations. More than I was expecting, in fact. Used the MS Press book to study (as I did with the 70-270), my home lab, MeasureUp, and Transcender. The hands-on experience from the home lab was most beneficial, especially with the simulation questions.

Next exam is 70-291 followed by 70-284 (Exchange) and then....MCSA!


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    Congratulations, and good luck on the next test(s).

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    Great Job!

    I did much better than I expected as well. When you were studying, how did you feel? For example, a person that I respect as a network admin failed the test twice and then finally passed it with a score in the high 700's. He's much more familiar with the day to day operations of server 2003 and a few times he has pointed things out to me about server that I did not know. So, naturally, going into the study, I was fairly certain that I didn't stand a chance. I studied with an intensity that I didn't even know that I had. For 6 weeks 70-290 was my total focus. When I was done with the exam, I was pretty sure I passed, but would have been less surprised to fail than to get the score I did.

    I am studying for 70-270 now, but I am much more confident about XP, so I am not as intense.
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    Congratulations...I'm studying for the 70-291 as well after I'm done with this week long break :D .

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    Up Next : Not sure :o
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    Great job on your test as well!

    I also studied intensly for about 8 weeks. I was nervous going into the exam, but then felt more confident as I was able to confidently answer the exam questions and simulations. I was definitely doubtful with some of my answers, but overall, I felt pretty good. I was sure I passed with a border-line score, but then saw the 910 pop-up on the screen and was very surprised and happy.

    I agree that an exam (and studying for an exam) is not the best indicator of real-world, hands-on experience. I know of a few MCSE's that have never installed or configured an Exchange server (or any type of mail server) simply because it was not a part of their job duty, they never setup a lab, and the exam doesn't "require" hands-on experience.

    Don't give up too much intensity. It definitely helps for both the exam and work environment to know your stuff.

    Best of luck to you!
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