Preparing for S+ in 3 weeks

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I have read over the threads, and have studied the notes on this site, which are outstanding. I have been into Security for about 3 years now, and studying for the security+ for about 2 weeks.

I have taken free-tests.com test for Security+ , and scored a 90 on first time (didnt see that dreadful select 2 answers), Ive taken the test over and over again (10 question test) and havent yet to score below an 80. I understand that those tests are limited by number of ?'s they have.

Im currently studying for the Security+ , A+, Linux+, CCNA, and MCP .

I hope to have all of these done (except maybe the MCP) by end of December. I know it sounds like im asking too much.

I feel my main weakness is Identifying where each encryption method falls.
I was thinking about studying, and taking the security+ in about 3 weeks, does this seem plausable? And any suggestions or reccomendations would be very appreciated.


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    Wow, that's pretty agressive IMO. I guess I would approach it like this. Grab a few books on each of the Certs you wish to take, and browse over the material and ask yourself is it just refreshing you need, or is there new material there you need to learn. How much spare time do you have per day, and is it realistic to learn all those new topics in that amount of time.

    Let me give you an example, I ran my own Computer store, built over 300 PCs in 2 years, thought I knew PCs inside and out, got to studying for the A+ and found myself overwhelmed with material I had never heard of before, yeh it was hard going, made me realize just how little I did know.

    I think it's great you have an agressive attitude towards study, but don't burn yourself out, it's better to take 6 weeks passing one cert first time, than 4 weeks and walking into the axam unprepared and failing. Again this is totally me and my opinions, you most likely can handle that extreme timetable better, else you would not have prescribed yourself such a timetable!

    FYI I'm studying for CCNA right now, giving myself at least 4 months... I found Network+ a great intro to CCNA.

    Good Luck!
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    I would plan on doing one test a month if you want to get really aggressive with it. I decided last May to get mine out of the way and I've made it through all these. I'm taking Sec+ this Saturday. I took it last Saturday and missed it by one question! I know what areas I did bad on (symmetric & asymmetric), so I'll go back and do it again.
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    joeyadmsjoeyadms Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for all the great advice, im certain the test I will take the most time on is the CCNA.

    I figure ill give myself a month to study and take diff simulated test every week and read my friends S+ book on areas i am lacking in. I am determined to take the S+ in the first week of November.

    *crosses fingers*

    I really need to get the encryption types down, symmetric/asymmetric as you were saying.
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