Passed 294 today...What next 297 or 298??

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Knocked off the 294 today w/ a score of 850. Personally I thought this exam was more tricky than 293. There was lots of AD design questions, group policy, site link, and forest trust questions. I used the MS Press book and CBT Nuggets for preparation. For once, I thought the MS book was actually pretty well written for this exam.

I am now debating my next exam, the 297 or 298. What would u reccomend and which will provide more "real-world" benefit??


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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    I'd go with the 298... unless you happen to do AD designs, 297's really not that practical.
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    Congratz on the pass!
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    For what I've heard, 70-297 is much more difficult than 70-298... But that's what my colleagues said... I only took the 70-298 exam, so I don't have any experience on 70-297.

    But you should consider 70-297 because of your score with 70-294. You showed that you don't have any problems with AD, so 70-297 shouldn't be that hard...
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    I just passed this one too, I only got a 730 but to be frank I didn't cram too hard for it. I took the 293 the week prior and just wanted to push through. In my job most of my clients never have branch offices so this would usefull info but not critical :).

    I think I am going to go with the 298 the topics seem to touch on items covered in the core exam set.
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    Congrats on the pass. The 70-297 was definitely quite difficult while I heard the 70-298 was really easy. The 70-297 is almost all review except for a few topics. These topics consist on what types of organizational structures and how you design for each of them. These designs include Organizational Unit/GPO Design, Domain Design, Forest Design, etc... The material also introduces you to migrating from Nt4 > 2k3 and 2k > 2k3. The exam is a completely different format. There are 4 exam pieces and there are approximately 10 questions for each of them. You have approximately 30 minutes for each exam piece. I am pretty sure 70-298 follows the conventional exam format.

    70-298 is a prerequisite for your MCSE: Security while 70-297 is not a prerequisite for any specialization. Of course it would be optimal to do both to obtain knowledge on both, but of course the majority of people would not follow suit with this. If you plan on going MCSE: Security, I would definitely do 70-298. If you do not plan on going MCSE: Security, I would take a look at both objectives and see which exam suites what you want out of your MCSE certification. You can view the exam objectives by clicking on the following exam number: 70-297 or 70-298. I would not choose whichever one is easiest, I would choose whichever interests you the most and would be most beneficial to your needs.

    Good luck!
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