Ouch the ICND exam Hurt!!!

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Ok guys here's the rundown of how my exam went today; woke up early got a good start and felt good. Took the ICND 640-811 and multiple choice questions where great, i had a simulation and it was ohh man i was so happy when i saw it because i knew i could isolate the problem easily.

So what hurt??? The fact that i couldnt type anything after a period of time. It was so weird and frustrating. Half-way through the simulatoion just got twisted and text(making no sense would appear on the screen when i try to type show commands or any commands for that fact. for example i'll type "show interfaces" and get this after i type the last few letters "show interfaces09342jdjkqhhvaufk" i tryed to backspace these mystery characters but more just came. so i hit enter and ofcourse the dialog box showed up with "command not available" which i expected. But its like the software just got screwed up. I continued trying but got nothing, tried toggling between the topology view and terminal screen but still same situation. The lady at the testing centre didnt seem to know anything...so i had no choice but to go to the next question. I live in the Bahamas and we have a few CCNA's but none close to my age. So i cant even talk to anyone who took the exam there before. i am 17 and i want it bad......I passed my INTRO with a 933 and i think i preapred well for the ICND what i didnt prepare for was this crap happening. I got a 765 out of 849 and i knew if i was able to complete my simulation i would of gotten there or even close.

I dont know, whats there to stop this from happening again????
I will neveer stop attempting this exam but i want to hv a fair chance at it. Have anyone ever experienced this problem before with the sims....I hope you have not and never will. I cant hide it i'm really depressed and i just dont understand!!
There is no better than adversity, every defeat, every loss, every heartbreak contains its seed. Its own lesson on how to improve on your performance the next time.


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    Sounds like the test was hosed. You should be able to re-take the test at no cost. Definitely contact someone at the testing center.
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    ^^ What he said.
    Now working full time!
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    Perseverance!!!! Thats my motivation boss man. I'm only 23 icon_lol.gif
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    This is exactly what happened to me during my last attempt at the ICND. Cisco's response was to give me a voucher and tell me to go and take another exam because it's not their policy to modify tests/nullify them/whatever.

    <original comments snipped from here>

    NOTE: The simulation problem is not something that either PROMETRIC or VUE can control. The decision, either way, is entirely in Cisco's hands. The simulations are "black boxes" to the test centers.

    EDIT: I have an update regarding my situation. After working with Cisco's representatives, I have been given a chance to retake the ICND. Hopefully this time the simulator won't "die" on me! :D
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