Passed Linux+

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Passed. 760. I thought I was sunk the whole time. Questions were fair, but a few were questions that I had no idea what the answer was and I don't think were covered in the Sybex or In Depth Book. After I hit the 98th question I thought I had around a 640 but after reviewing my marked questions I thought I had a chance.

Make sure you know your stuff before you take this one. It was by far the hardest CompTIA exam I've taken.

Off to LPIC-1 and 2 as well as Security+.

Thanks to all who post on this site, your posts and the Technotes were a great help. (as well as the Test Out course which I downloaded via azureus....:)


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    Congrats on the pass! You did a good job.
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    Congrats on the pass!

    Those are exactly my thoughts on the Linux+ exam. I think i got a 755. I used the Sybex Linux+ book for most of my studying and I don't remember it covering some of the things on the exam either.

    I'm wondering if there is a more complete book out there. ?

    To those currently preparing for the exam:

    Study hard for this one indeed.

    Know your way around the command line (obviously), the basic utilities and common switches.
    Know permissions, useradding, bootloaders, fdisk, basic vim etc...
    Know the filesystem hierarchy
    Know SUID and SGID.
    Know the standard locations of important configuration files
    Know how to manually configure iptables
    Know umask

    Know at least basic information on security/network

    Know tripwire (what it is and what it does etc..)

    If you've been a hobbyist user of Linux for a while, don't let that fool you into thinking this test will be cake. Study up for this one. Know the objectives so you can be prepared.

    Congrats again!
    and good luck to those who are preparing for the exam.

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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif

    Thanks to you and juky for the tips and review.
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    congrats webslngr

    just wondering what's your experience with linux?
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    hi again :D

    today passed linux+ with 780 score.
    now starting work on security+ icon_cool.gif
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    There's obviously a large pool of questions. I just wrote it (and passed with a 780) two days ago. Things that I remember:

    1. questions on perms, but not a single one on SUID, SGID or Sticky Bit
    2. Single Umask question
    3. Single question on VIM
    4. Nothing on IP Tables
    5. Nothing on Tripwire

    I was surpised to see chroot in at least three questions. I only used the CompTIA Linux+ courseware book and I don't recall chroot in it at all.

    I can honestly say that I don't think I would have passed it if I hadn't spent so much time mucking around with my own server on the Internet. THere were at least ten questions on Internet server stuff that I just knew from experience.

    I agree that it's not a cake-walk, but it's not a killer either. If you have enough time mucking around with the CLI on servers, then you'll probably do OK.
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