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I'm taking the 70-271 test soon but the books i'm using make no reference to SP 2. Is it safe to assume that SP 2 isn't covered ?


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    do your own study from an internet site because it may definetly be covered. Things like that you can open port by names , services ,or numbers which in ICF you could only do by port number. Also stuff like in sps they add things like the security center!
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    OH yeah stuff like you cant see a setting button in iICF but in SP2 you can and i think but not sure but you can only make global connections in SP2.
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    I'm pretty sure you should know SP2 for the exam. Check your books edition, and see if there is an updated version....
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    Currently on the course. At the moment we have seen one or two references to stuff in SP2 but none in specific terms to SP2! There is a little bit on the Firewall, settings and exclusions. Literally there is not a lot on it at all.

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is a free update for Windows XP. It offers enhancements and better protection against viruses, hackers, and worms.

    It seems like there is a lot more in the 70-272 course/exam but I won't be able to tell you that definitely until Friday! (When my class takes it).

    Just make sure you know all the basics of XP Pro and some active directory and file and folder permissions, TCP/IP, local and network printing, Desktop managing issues. Always check the course outline though.

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    I'm currently on week 11 of the MCDST course and have not seen a single piece of info about SP2 - and when I asked about it was told that it wasn't included at all.

    Pretty crap really - and the others in the class who didn't have much base knowledge in the first place are stuck really.
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    I just sat my 70-271 exam and SP 2 was in it.

    At least ten of the questions refered to SP 2 although in most cases it was irrelevant.

    But should be aware of minimum requirements for SP 2
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