SMB/CIFS? NetBios Traffic Reduction?

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Hi! I am looking for a way to reduce CIFS/SMB traffic and NetBios traffic on our Local Area Network. We still want functionality in terms of shares etc. Would a WINS system do the trick? Also what is CIFS/SMB traffic and how do we reduce or elimiate this?


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    If you want to use File/Print sharing on a MS network then you can't eliminate it. Yes, a WINS server would be an easy way to reduce the amount of netbios traffic.
    Also what is CIFS/SMB traffic and how do we reduce or elimiate this?

    The SMB and CIFS protocols are typically used to provide access for authenticated users to file shares/print servers. There are very few circumstances where you can actually eliminate WINS/Netbios traffic on a MS network. The best thing you can do is set up a good WINS solution and check MS site for Best Practices and Optimizing WINS.

    Here is a good explanation of CIFS:
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    Thanks for the help sprkymrk, I was looking at WINS but need confirmation that it was the right thing to do. Your explaination of CIFS was very helpful.
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    Glad to help. A basic WINS setup is pretty easy. You really don't even need a dedicated server unless you have a very large network. You can usually have another server (like DHCP or DNS) do double duty.
    Good luck!
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