Which holds more weight in management?

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Can someone give me their opinion on the masters degree in information assurance. Which has more weight? the degree or the SSCP/CISSP.I'm currently working on the MCSA(Security) and Security+


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    Which holds more weight in management?
    Experience, and not even necessarily infosec experience. Add a degree and a CISSP and you're golden. icon_wink.gif

    Between the masters degree and SSCP I'd say the degree. When comparing 'a' masters to a CISSP there may be situations where the latter is more valuable because of the 4 years required experience for CISSP (and a degree can be used a substitute for only a portion of those 4 years). It also depends on the role of other CISSPs in the organization, if any. And if you'd be replacing someone else, and that person was a CISSP... There are many factors that can influence the value of the degree/CISSP, but imo going for the degree remains the wise decision.
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    The three things you should be going for are education, certification, and experience. No one of these goals is a replacement for the other two. They are all regarded as different aspects contributing to your knowledge and wisdom of a field of learning.
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