Passed both A+ exams today got a ?

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So I took both the A+ Core Hardware and A+ OS Tech. tests today right after another and passed em both.

It seems though Im not really satisfied because of the scores I got
Hard: 662
OS: 660

I used the Mike Myers A+ book and Exam Cram 2 study questions for the A+ and it seemed it didnt really help me. I had no questions on IRQ/SCSI/CMOS/DMA, etc. The questions seemed kinda out of left field. I was epecting more questions on Win 98/NT/2000/XP as well. Barely any dos commands / command prompt,etc.

I studied for about 3 months off and on, and the only xp I had was building my own computers for the past couple years.

I was hopeing to get in the 800 range, because I was constantly scoring 80-90% on all the practice exams I was taking. Maybe I got unlucky on the questions...

My question is should I be down on myself, or does the score really matter?

Thanks all...


  • kujayhawk93kujayhawk93 Member Posts: 355

    You passed, that's what is most important. A+ Certified is A+ Certified, regardless of the score. Your printout should show you the areas you missed questions in, you can always go back and review that material if it will make you feel better.
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    Yep -- the only important thing is that you passed. :D
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    Congratulations :)
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    ya thought it didnt really matter. Thanks all. Will be sure to stop by here more often. Soon as I take a break and I'll prolly have some Network+ questions next.

    Glad I stumbled into this forum and site :D
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    Congratulations on the pass. Don't worry about the particulars of the scores, as long as you passed. You'll find, as you work, that you come across all softs of things that you're mistaken about when first faced with, (as long as you figure it out in the end.) What's next on the hitlist?

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