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Hello All,

I'm new here. I am interested in taking the A+ certification exam this year. I understand that CompTIA released a new 2006 version of the test last month. My question is, do you think I have enough time to study for the 2003 version of the test (since it will only be offered till December 2006) and take it this year or should i study for the 2006 version to allow me more time to study. I'm not really sure how much time i need to study. I do have some computer knowledge but I know I will definitely want to cover all the material in depth. I know there is so much more study material for the 2003 version so maybe i will be better off taking the 2003 version. Any insight is appreciated.



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    Welcome :)

    As far as if you are ready? How well do you understand the Objectives and how much experience do you have?

    If you not prepared today, then relax and learn the material and take the exam when you are prepared. There isn't any harm in waiting. If you've extra money on hand, take a shot at it, maybe you'll pass and be finished?? Hard to say as only YOU know what you know and where you need more time to prepare.

    There are two months left in the year, so it is possible to prepare in that time if you have good study habits already.
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