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I just recently passed my CCNA exam. I took a small break from everything and am now ready to get another cert out of my way. I have little to no knowledge of security feature and am actually interested in the Sec+. What books to do you recommend for self study? Thank you for your time



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    I think that if you read some of the older posts, you will find that the Sybex and the Syngress books seem to be the most popular. There are other books that also get praise from time to time but those 2 seem to be the core.

    Good Luck

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    Whichever book you choose, make sure it is not your only source. Use one of the above-mentioned books, the tech notes at the link I provided, and at least one other source. The exam cram or Mike Meyers for instance. Don't overdo it on the practice exams, but do check your progress once or twice during your studies and then take at least one more when you think you are ready for the real thing.

    Pay careful attention to cryptography/encryption/hashing. Good luck! :)
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    Thanks guys! When i was studying for my CCNA i found multiple sources did help. Right before i tested i found myself sitting at barnes and noble picking out the typos in some of the 'less quality' books.

    I will look into those books this weekend! Thanks alot
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    Just a hint. If you look at the Syngress book and decide to buy. I recommend going directly to the website at syngress.com. The books are always much cheaper on the site. The shipping has been very fast in my experience. The certification books are often on sale. Sometimes they have great books for $9. Check it out before you go to the bookstore, checkout the book to see if you like it at the bookstore, then go back on the site to buy if you like. I have bought a number of books from them and have been very pleased. Now if I only had time to read them!! icon_confused.gif
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