Sitting the exam on Friday but have a couple of questions.

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I currently work in the IT department of a small business. So small I am the only IT support guy in the building. My boss is the only developer, but thats neither here nor there.

My question is to everyone and I was just wondering if you guys could tell me how much of the exam covers NT 4.0? All of my practice exams have a few references to either NT 4.0 or Domain functional level of Server 2003 interim.

Any thing you guys can tell me would be great.
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    You should know what functional levels allow for the interoperability of NT4.0 domain controllers. Keep in mind, you can use NT4.0 workstation on any domain/forest functional level. The limitation is for Domain Controllers only.

    You should also know that there are no universal groups at all in NT4.0. Hence why once you go to Windows 2000 Native Domain Functional Level, you are not allowed to use NT4.0 domain controllers which allows you to begin using Universal Security Groups.

    You should also know the issue regarding when you DCPROMO a server and allow the security settings to work with PRE-2000 Domain Controllers (which gives you the warning that anonymous users can read data). Basically, it allows NT4 RAS Servers to be able to authenticate users from AD by placing the Everyone group to the Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access group. If you chose the more secure option while doing a DCPROMO, it changes that Everyone group to Authenticated Users instead. If the everyone group is in there, that basically means the NT4 RAS Server will allow anybody access to the domain. BAD IDEA! And just as an extra ditbit, if you didn't have any Windows 2000 or NT4 RAS/DCs and you still had the everyone group in there, anonymous users wouldn't be granted access. In Windows 2003, the anonymous logon group isn't a member of the Everyone group. In Windows NT4 and Windows 2000, the anonymous logon group is a member of the Everyone group.

    Can't think of anything else, but good luck!
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    It's mostly going to focus on function levels and groups.
    It will only focus on how NT4.0 DC functions within a 2003 environment, or more correctly put, how it limits 2003 functionality.
    I might add that you should know how to set operations master roles.
    Not NT4.0 info per se, but the info is often discussed in the chapters of various texts that highlight differences between NT & 2003.
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