Weird ping problem

rakemrakem Posts: 800Member
I have multiple routers connected to multiple workstations, from my main router i can ping every other router sucesfully, however from every other router i cannot ping my main router.

BUT from every workstation that is connected to a different router i can ping my main router. it is just from the other routers that i cannot ping the main router. I only have static routes set up, no routing protocols at all and no access-lists.

Traffic between workstations flows fine, so the other routers know how to get to the main router but they just cant ping it...

I really have no idea about this, even though traffic is flowing through its still annoying... any suggestions?
CCIE# 38186


  • YankeeYankee Posts: 157Member
    Remember that when you ping from a router the source address is the interface you leave, so it is likely that is the address that is unknown.

  • malcyboodmalcybood Posts: 900Member
    Have you tried a tracert or telnetting from router to router?
  • bmaurobmauro Posts: 307Member
    Any chance you can post the configs?
  • hectorjhrdzhectorjhrdz Posts: 127Member
    it'll be helpful if you post your topology because the workstations could reach your main rtr by another path avoiding to pass through the rtr wich they're attached.

    now, do you set static routes from the rtrs to your main rtr correctly?

  • DirtySouthDirtySouth Posts: 314Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    More Info, please... :)
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