How much time do I need?

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Hi guys!

I am starting the Security+ and I want to know how much time do I need to be ready for the exam?


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    As much as you can spare. A+ and Net+ were 2 1/2 weeks each for me and my 2 MCPs were about 3/4 weeks each. I spent a month solid on Sec+ and failed so spent another month. Of course my problem is not that I don't understand the subject, but am being a little pedantic about Comptias subjective questions - in every field that I have been in I have found that the professional qualifications even if kind of wishy washy have been factual - unfoftunately I can not say the same about this exam.
    With such a high pass mark needed I would suggest a score of better than 90% on every quiz you try, but remember that after 2 or 3 times you are just learning the answers.
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