Passed BCMSN

PCHoldmannPCHoldmann Member Posts: 450
Passed with a 962. Not too hard, used Cisco Press, a little of the ExamCram2 book, Dynamips, and a couple of 3560s we happened to get at work :D

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  • HumperHumper Member Posts: 647
    Congratulations!!!!! Very nice score!

    Can you suggest some topics to focus on as there are a couple of us writing this exam soon :D
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  • PCHoldmannPCHoldmann Member Posts: 450
    Multicast, STP (including naming differences), QoS was fairly basic, but there, follow the blueprint. Hit most of the blueprint topics, know about router/switch interaction.

    Any more and the NDA police may get me icon_eek.gif



    ON TO CIT!!!
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    Good job, now you will have fun reading that stupid cit book.A waste of paper if you ask me.My advice is review the other 3 exams and when you feel happy read the cit book which will take about 2 days.
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratz icon_thumright.gif

    That's an amazing score! icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif
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