Passed 70-290

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I took the 70-290 yesturday and was pleasantly surprised. Most of the questions were quite reasonable and fairly well worded. There were a couple that seemed to present very unlikely situations which didn't seem to give me all the information I needed but I got through it with a 910 score.

I spent 2 hours in the exam in total (out of 3.5 hours), although the last 45 minutes were spent with me reviewing the questions and trying to drag a simple answer out of my brain which finally came to me!!

I got quite a bit on permissions (including a couple of sims), some IIS plus a sim on that, a few RDC / Terminal Services, quite a few backup questions and some disk configuration stuff.

I took an accerated MCSE course last month and used the Microsoft training book 2273B for most of my revision. The Tech notes on here were a great help and the rest I read up via the Microsoft site and carried out some hands on practice, which is the best way to study it in my opinion.

Thanks for the help I recieved here. I'm taking the 70-270 on Monday and the 70-291 a couple of weeks after that, so no rest for me!



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