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Forgive me for not trawling through the Microsoft site for this one but i just need a quick yes or no.

If you have a Volume License Key for XP Pro and purchase a PC that comes with XP Pro already, can you use the VLK on that PC or do you have to use the one that comes with the PC.



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    You have to use the key that came with the computer, unless you want to reinstall the OS with your volume license copy.

    If you are using imaging software (I believe you use Ghost) and image over the existing config from the vendor with your image built with the VLK you'll be good. Just make sure you don't go over your number of licenses allowed.
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    what i meant was can you legally use the VLK on the other PC, i mean at the end of the day you have still purchased a valid license for every client but u can install the same image to all PC's instead of only to whatever you VLK allows you to, do you agree
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    I would have to answer that non-authoritatively and say I don't see it as a problem as long as you don't go over your enterprize license limit. Example, if you have 200 copies licensed under the volume agreement, you can't install 250 instances just because you have 50 computers that came with OEM licenses not in use. Those 50 OEM licenses follow only the computers they came with. However if you only have 200 computers total and decided not to use the 50 OEM versions, you would still be legal in using your volume copy on all 200.

    If this is a real issue I would recommend calling MS to avoid the software police coming and knocking on your door. My information is not a guarantee against being charged with piracy. icon_pirat.gif
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    oh i see now

    the answer is not to buy an OS with the pc and to extend the amount of pc's that come under the VLK

    not my call unfortunatly


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    We have a mix and match at some offices... Theoretically they have purchased licenses for all PC's... But as time has gone on we have re-imaged some machines with the volume key...

    I'm sure microsoft would give us crap and make us use the appropriate key, but they could not fine us as we do have licenses for each machine.
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    You can always purchase additional CALs if you need them. Your license agreement has to be current (usually 2 years from the time you purchase your first 5 MS CALs/Licenses). During that time, you may add 1, 2 or 'x' of any product that you need.

    1 - MS W2K3 Server Standard
    5 - CALs
    several months later you could add
    3 new CALs for a total of 8

    If you are outside that window, you'll need to purchase the minimum again. I'm sure I just made it more confusing....best thing, just contact MS and find out exactly how your situation fits their licensing :)
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