Question on Study Materials

vcon790vcon790 Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
Suggestions? Anyone use **** ?


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    CessationCessation Member Posts: 326
    vcon790 wrote:
    Suggestions? Anyone use **** ?

    I am working with Testout right now. Very good info if you ask me and the Sims are fantastic. I think i would have failed 290 without it.
    A+, MCP(270,290), CCNA 2008.
    Working back on my CCNA and then possibly CCNP.
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    homerj742homerj742 Member Posts: 251
    As always, they say cross reference. I have testout, and syngress books.

    Though I shouldn't even talk about 291, as I'm still preparing for 290! (Testout + syngress).
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