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I justed passed the A+ Core with 558. Going for the A+ OS in a few weeks. I just have one question regarding that is the os exam harder or easier than the hardware. I am getting some people saying it is harder and some saying it is easier..


  • kujayhawk93kujayhawk93 Member Posts: 355

    As for which is harder, it totally depends on your own personal knowledge of the material, and the randomness of the test questions. Some people are more hardware-oriented, some more software-oriented. I thought the OS test was a little more difficult, but I scored higher on it than on the hardware, so it's really hard to say.
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    I personally thought the hardware test was a little harder, but I think its because I tried so hard to memorize all the little details like DMA Channels, IRQ's, Memory Addresses, Beep Codes, CPU Sockets & bus speeds, A million different flavors of SCSI...etc.

    I think most people would say the OS was harder though.
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    I thought that the o/s was closer to the course material and that you need to know your stuff. With the hardware you could figure a few things out from the questions.
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    OS was harder for me. I think it all depends on your background.
    Good luck on your OS component, remember to review things from core exam!
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    icon_santa.gif Hardware was easier for me.......... C O N G R A T S !!!
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