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Is it a plus to know html in this day in age. I have my own website that I made with dreamweaver 8 but it isn't anything spectacular but I would like to make it better. Would knowing html help me improve it?


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    what do you mean by "knowing"?

    HTML is certainly not one of those things that "everyone knows", and in terms of computer industry, it's not a always requirement either.

    I guess it's kind of being able to type, people just assume you can type, and you should be able to type.

    The fact of the matter is, I am surprised you made a website with dreamweaver, and you dont know html?

    ps. My human-interface professor who holds double PhD. and research in cognitive science and OOP can not write her page in XHTML strict.
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    While I'm a fan of writing straight HTML code, many WYSIWYG software packages exist that have a ton of possibilities.

    And, there seem to be more sites that are moving away from HTML.

    Do you want to post the URL for feedback?
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