Exam Lab Sims?

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New to this board and first post.

1. Would anyone have any insight on how interactive the simulators are in the exam? I'm finding that when working on lab equipment I'm at the point of knowing where to go in the command line but using ? when I'm in the proper sub section. At that point I know the command I'm looking for but unsure of the correct syntax.

2. Do shortened commands work as well? eg. "show interface ethernet 0" to "sh int e 0". (Found answer in another forum, answer is yes)

3. Last question,is the tab active to complete the rest of the command? (Found answer in another forum, answer is yes)

Do I have a shot, or should I keep plugging away?

TIA for any answers.


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    Look for the "How do the actual simulator questions work and how are they scored?" section of the Forum CCNA FAQ

    You found the "Yes" to the last 2 questions.... but I'll say Yes to #1 also, even though it doen't look like a yes or no answer. icon_lol.gif

    You do get the ? in the SIMs to see what the command options are (or what's possibly next if you can't remember an entire command).

    In the SIMLETs -- you may get a limited set of commands, sometimes.

    In SIMs on advanced exams I've had the SIM show me commands, and then tell me one wasn't available when I tried to use it, so I just went with Plan B. You shouldn't have that problem on the CCNA exam(s).

    In the SIMLETs you usually just use the commands to look at a configuration to answer multiple choice questions -- and it may be in a smaller terminal windows -- so I guess they do cut you some slack on these questions (sometimes).

    If you've got the hands on practice, the SIMs should be easy points (and if you've studied the books hard, the SIMLETs should be easy points too).

    Good Luck!
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