After CCNA??

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So I'm trying to figure out what to do after I finish my CCNA next month.

My original plan was to start/finsih my MCSE 2003 (finished Win2K Pro a couple years back), but now I'm having second thoughts on the MCSE track.

The reason is soley that at work - I hardly if ever have to deal with Windows servers and infrastructure. The easy answer seems to be stick with Cisco, and thats what I'm leaning towards.

BUT - with the CCNP changing in January, and the lack of study materials for the new exams - what would be the best course?

I would like the path to be something like: CCNA -> CCNP -> CCSP ->CCVP -> CCIE

But I would really hate to have to wait for new study material to come out for the new CCNP exams. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or points that could help me out.

Thx guys!


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    Hum..... well, at the Cisco "high end" (Voice CCIE) an MCSE:Messaging is useful (for that Unity stuff).... so don't give up on your "day cert" (the MCSE). icon_lol.gif

    While the CCNP is the "logical" next Cisco certification -- it builds on the CCNA and reinforces the knowledge in your memory -- don't rule out one of those other Professional Level certs in your path. If you don't take advantage of the CCNP changes to knock out that MCSE -- then look at some of the exams for those other professional level exams.

    The QOS exam would be easier after the CCNP (since you'll have tripped over a bunch of the concepts already), but the Odom book is good, so that exam should be a possibility.

    The CCSP foundation exam -- SND (which they are also changing from 642-551 to 642-552) could be an option -- but you might find the same study material issue as the new CCNP. It lays the groundwork for security and as you do some of the other CCSP exams later, you get those CQS (Cisco Qualified Specialist) certificates.

    Also take a look at availability and access to some of that equipment that would be needed for the CCSP and CCVP -- if you have access at work (to spare equipment or a lab) -- then some more of those exams could fill your time as you wait for new CCNP self-study material to be produced.

    If you have access to some voice routers (and modules), analog and IP Phones, the CVOICE exam is also an options. I haven't looked at the new/updated CVOICE Exam Certification Guide yet -- but at least there is one now.
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    SlowhandSlowhand Mod Posts: 5,161 Mod
    The only thing I could add to this is that, if you're planning on doing CCNP, you may be better off waiting a few months into the next year. From what I can tell, books and other training material (aside from Cisco's Academy training stuff) won't be available until sometime around March or April of 2007. So, if you're going to have to wait with the CCNP anyway, you have a choice of either pushing for the MCSE upgrade beforehand, or doing as mikej412 said and look into the other Cisco professional-level certs. Well, I suppose you could do CCDA, too, if you wanted.

    Either way, you're not going to go wrong with updating your MCSE or going for another Cisco cert, so all your choices are going to lead you to bigger and better things. Personally, I'd probably want to go for the upgrade option on the Microsoft end, so that you'll have a more rounded-out set of up-to-date certs. Of course, you always have the option of waiting for the new series of Microsoft certification paths too, and upgrade yourself to MCITP, once it hits the market.

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    bmaurobmauro Member Posts: 307
    Thanks guys - after reading over your posts I also talked to our Network manager. He also commented on the best bet would be to round out my skill set with the MCSE 2003 track, and no doubt it would be helpful with Call Manager and Unity (which I use on a daily bases). I didn't really even think about that.

    So it looks like I will crack open the MS books once I get down with the CCNA, and once I finish that hopefully the new CCNP material will be available.

    Thanks again guys!
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