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Does anyone know how many trial exams should do and what score one should get.
I use ucertify.
Any Free online ones
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    I'd say you need to be getting at least 80% - 90% on the practice exams before sitting for the real thing. The higher you're scoring, the better. Of course, don't use the same practice test for too long, or you'll begin memorizing answers, and those score'll be moot. As for free online tests, try the ones on this site, as well as the affiliate sites located under "Topsites" on the search bar up there in the top-left corner of the screen.

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    I use ucertify.

    Found UCertify too easy myself. Also there are no sims.
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    sToNeDcNuT wrote:
    I use ucertify.

    Found UCertify too easy myself. Also there are no sims.

    Which ones have sims?
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    I would recco for the free online test using free-tests.com They have some pretty good tests as well as some weird worded questions. I just took my test yesterday and I think that was one of the best free tests I took besides the one here.
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