Scope of the net+ exam.

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Ive been studyig pretty hard on the net+ recently.

Just found this site here. Lots of good info! This and the pagesbydave site have got to be the best resources on the web.

Im thinking about taking the test in november.

What i wanted to ask is, for those who have taken it, how hard was it?

What were the hardest questiosn they threw at you and is it adaptive like the A+?

Ive taken the pagesbydave practice exam several times as well as the 60 quetion exam on this site. I scored about 69-70 without studying on the pagesbydave exam and upons tudying got about an 80-85 when taking it.

I missed about 3-4 questions on the one here.

SO you think i would be able to pass it in november or would what I have now be enough based on these exams and my studying?

After this I plan on getting my CCNA and then 70-210
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