Is it just me??

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Maybe its just me but besides for a few problems of trying to get the server to actually recognize the client in virtual server all of the 70-290 objectives are really easy so far. I have been going through the MCSE 70-290 book doing the exercises and they are really easy. What exactly is so hard about this exam. Mind you I am brand new to server 2003 so maybe I am just missing something???


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    The hardest things (for me) on any exam is remembering facts.

    I enjoy the sims.
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    The exercises and questions in the book reiterate what the chapter is about. They are usually organized and phrased in the same way as the chapter.
    This is good because it teaches you the info, but does not reflect what you will necessarily see on the test.
    Take some practice tests (not from the same book that you study from). See how you do. The test was harder than any practice test that I took. It's also not as fact oriented as it is troubleshooting oriented. Often the books focus more on settings and not so much on troubleshooting. You will have to create or change some settings on the sims, but that's only 4 or 5 questions.
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