1924 Switch Error Message

12beatechie12beatechie Posts: 74Member ■■□□□□□□□□
I got the following error message when I powered up my Cisco Switch 1924 and I could not get any further than the error message.

ERROR detected in DRAM bank 1
Location = 0x19F06A, expected = 0x93, actual = 0x83

Does anybody get this kind of error message and know the fix?

FYI, the switch worked fine yesterday but now one of the 24 ports turns amber and so does the System light.
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  • steve-o87steve-o87 Posts: 274Member
    Looks like your RAM is fried! :o

    Try replacing it if you have some lying around. Otherwise use it as a footrest and buy a 2900 or 3500. :P
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