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Hey All,

I'm a Linux head and I've just started pursuing my certs here at CompTIA. I started with the Linux+ and am now looking at the Network+. I'm purposely avoiding certs that are heavily Windows biased because I have zero inclination to work in a Windows environment and don't want to clutter up my head with that crap.

So my question is: how OS-agnostic is the Network+? I don't mind the odd Windows configuration question, but I'm looking for something relatively OS neutral.



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    From what I recall it's pretty neutral. You will get some questions on commands that may be Windows specific, but mostly the ones that are easy like ipconfig or nbtstat. Otherwise just know your cabling (they really hit on the fiber stuff), your services (DNS, DHCP, okay WINS is Windows only), your common ports, the OSI, and stuff like that. You should be familiar with a few Windows specific things, just like you will get a few Novell and a couple Mac questions most likely too.
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    Good info, thanks. I think I'll take it next...what the heck.
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