I killed the Beast.....with an 885

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Hi got it on friday 885, I wasn't confident at all the way through the exam, I really thought I'd blown it. I only had one sim question early on in the test and I knew I was strong on these and thought I stood a good chance of passing if I got more than one of them in the exam. Then there it appeared question 59. I don't think I would've passed it without that last sim. Just a point too on 'time', this is why it is really important to manage you time efficiently. The sims just appear on clicking next to a question, therefore you don't know how many your getting from the start or when they'll appear. I can't over emphasis this point on time enough. I had about 10 to 15 questions left and seemed to have plenty of time left i.e. over 1.5 mins per question but I was still thinking about having time to do another sim if I got one. I got the second as I said on the second last question and everything worked out fine. But if I had gotten another sim question I wouldn't have had time to finish it. :D


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    Congratz on your pass, and thanx for the info. I'm hopefully gonna have my CCNA finished by christmas, so all the suggestions are definately a big help.
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    Congratulations!!! i passed w 885 too.
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