which route to ccnp

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just looking at the ccnp certification tracking system tool ,there seam to be so many different exams ,(i know there is not a easy route ) but which is the best one


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    :D Most of the exams are exactly the same... just the older versions...

    You should take the exams that start with 642-, those are the new ones...

    The first would typically be the BSCI (routing) then BCMSN (switching) then BCRAN (Remote access) and then the CIT (Troubleshooting) exam.

    In place of the first two, you can take the 642-891 Composite exam which is one exam with topics from both the routing and the switching exam. This exam is actually the recertification exam for CCNP and most 'first-timers' should go for the two separate exams...


    Good luck!
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    I took the 642-891 Composite exam at Networkers '04 in New Orleans and had my A$$ handed to me!! I noticed a considerable amount of IS-IS questions as well as QoS and Multicast. There were quite a few simulations too. Has anyone else taken this exam? If so, what are your thoughts?
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