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I am going for my CCVP pretty company got me all the books except the IPTT, I was wondering, which test should I start studying up on first? The Cisco track has it as the following, but not sure if the mean take it in this order or not


Which is the easiest to hardest?



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    Troubleshooting (IPTT) last since it covers everything else... plus some Unity troubleshooting.

    Maybe QOS first to put off that "you ain't in Kansas anymore Toto" feeling you'll get when you hit the voice stuff.

    CVOICE is also an option for "first" -- since it's the intro to voice and is still "router-centric." It would be less of a shock coming from the CCNA, and might be easier than the QOS exam (without the CCNP).

    Which leaves CIPT and GWGK...... CIPT is the CallManager exam, so you'll hit some gateway/gatekeeper configuration stuff here -- so its probably a good warm up for the GWGK exam.

    Over in the CCVP Books thread I said
    mikej412 wrote:
    My sequence was/is (this week)
    QOS, CVOICE, CIPT, ....
    and then I keep flipping on GWGK and IPTT
    QOS, CVOICE, CIPT, GWGK and IPTT is the sequence I finally did.

    I found IPTT to be the easiest of the voice exams.... but that's probably because of all the study and practice for all the other exams.
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