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It's been a long time since I've had to write a good Resume, and everyone that's looked at mine says that it looks like crappy. I know that years ago it never use to matter as much, but I imagine now with the stiff competition, a resume can either make ya or break ya. Anyway, there is a site called and I'm wondering if anyone has used them before? They are a bit pricey. I believe they are about $129.00 or so just for a resume and it jumps up 20 dollars for a cover letter. Now, can anyone tell me if you think it's worth paying or not? They do have a guarantee in that if the resume they write for you doesn't land you an interview within 30 days that they will rerwrite it for you. The formatting and sample resumes look really good on their website. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I do'nt have alot of time and rewriting it to try and get it write and I figure I need an exceptional resume to give me the edge. If someone knows another good resume service that is better, please let me know.

Thanx in advance! Dusty


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    well 130 bucks for a resume seems a bit 2 high. There're standard rules for jotting down a resume, and I'm sure those guys ,including others who charge around a grand, follow it no matter what. It's just that one skews it here and another stretches it there. A little color here and a bit more there, and he pockets a few hundred bucks.

    The last time I made my resume, I just made it 2 papers. icon_wink.gif One cover letter with my cert logos on it, and the other being the resume. I landed the job instantly.

    Whether you'll be hired or not really depends on how lucky you are, how well you present or 'sell' yourself, and how much you can brag around when things narrow down LOL. icon_lol.gif (well that's what I believe)

    I'd say, if you can't get your resume straight, try a friend to help you out. If it doesn't just look right, then go for the 130 bucks as a last resort.

    best luck~2lbs icon_lol.gif
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    Instead of having someone make your resume for you, I think you should buy a book that helps you make your resume better. They usually have templates that you can essentially copy and modify to your specifications. You would be able to re-write your resume after a few years, and you won't have to pay $130.

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    If all else fails, start with one of the templates in MS Word, and then tweak it a lot. Or I'm pretty sure there is a "Resume's for Dummies" book out there. Don't laugh, I've heard good things about some of the "For Dummies" books.
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    I agree, the Resumes for dummies should be helpful... the name is mostly just... a name. Those books often contain the things you 'could have thinked of yourself', the essential basics... but when you don't know those basics, someone has to tell you... I bought the Technical Writing for Dummies a couple of months ago and I can recommended it to everyone...

    I heard some bad things about for Dummies books also, so I guess, as always it depends on who's the author...
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    Easier to invest a bit of time into reseach on the net. There's loads on resume writing. Almost every jobsite has a "how to write a cv/resume" section. A lot of them contradict themselves, mind. (Guess it depends on the date they last updated their "tips and hints"). Another source are university sites.
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    Can anybody give me an effective advise on how to start. I also wanted to passed on any of the certification of Microsoft. Thanks in advance
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