Proyect+ vs PMP

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Can someone tell me what is the different of Proyect+ and PMP?


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    here is the little I've picked up from people talking about the certs

    Project+ = CompTIA (good stepping stone to PMP)
    PMP = Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute (much more value than Project+)

    hope that helps a little
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    PMP Certification vs Project+

    Project management is one of the hottest employment areas today. With several certifications available for project management, what is the best one for you?

    CompTIA launched their Project+ certification several years ago. This test relies on the candidate's knowledge of project management to pass and become certified. PMI, or Project Management Institute, has had its Project Management Professional (PMP) certification available for several years. They currently have over 75,000 PMPs certified around the world. Which certification is the best for project managers?

    The CompTIA Project+ certification is similar to their other certifications - it is one exam covering specific project management topics. The PMP certification is different as it has several educational and work experience prerequisites for the certification. The PMP certification requires documented project management experience and documented project management classroom hours.

    With this difference in prerequisites for certification, the PMP is the more highly sought certification for project management professionals.

    Should I get the CompTIA Project+ certification?

    The Project+ certification is a quality certification for project managers who do not yet have the experience or meet the requirements of the PMP certification. The Project+ certification would demonstrate to potential employers that you have a baseline of project management knowledge which will be invaluable to their organization.
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    The Project Management Institute also offers a CAPM certification. This is the MCSA to the MSCE in project management. It requires classwork or several hundred (maybe thousand I forget) hours of experience. I would estimate it as moe prestiegious than the Project+ certificate but still not widely known. It does allow you to say that you are PMI certified. I happen to be working on a degree that will encorporate enough course work to qualify to take the CAPM. I will take it as an extra certification to distinguish me from a person who has little or no project management experience.
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