Looking for very cheap or pref free study material.

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Havent actually been here since passing the CCNA last july, but im back again.
This time im really hoping someone can point me in the direction of some free or very cheap study notes for CWNA.
I have the 3rd edition of the CWNA study guide which im reading but am looking for some synopsis of the more relevant information in each chapter, obviously im taking notes as i go through the book but I wanna have all my bases covered.
so asi say if there is some cheap or free study notes or video raining i would be eternally indebted to you if you could pass it on, im flat broke at the moment and need to add this cert.
Cheers people.
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    I'm not aware of any free study guides for the CWNA exam. The Prelogic guides are good, and occasionally heavily discounted, but they only have a Wireless# guide at the moment. The CWNP occasionlly offers discounts on the CWNA online practice tests, but they are still hardly free.

    The best source of free information on 802.11 networking is on the Web itself. Try searching for Web pages based on each of the objectives in the CWNA exam. You'll end up with a good list of Web sites that have the best 802.11 information, and all for free.

    And welcome back to TechExams.net!
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    Hi guys,
    there are free flashcards on the web for CWNA (130 questions). I've passed CWNA recently and the flashcards were quite useful.
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