Another 2nd shot?

Not quite ( for some off us at least icon_redface.gif )


Any more info on this idea? Do just the testing site have to be a MS partner to qualify, is this just for MS to promote their training course? I cant find any partners for the UK icon_redface.gif

The offer for all would be nice !! B$5tA7dz
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    deneb829deneb829 Member Posts: 292
    Oh! I am so on that. I wonder how much it costs extra? Heck, even $25 would be worth it for me before taking 291! If I pass, it would be worth the extra money. Even though they give you a discount on your next exam if you end up passing the first time, I just want the insurance!
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    TrailerisfTrailerisf Member Posts: 455
    Great... Just sucks I have finished off my ms track. icon_sad.gif

    Never needed a 2nd chance, but a 25% discount would have been nice.
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