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If you havent looked at groupstudy lately this was posted today along with a couple of topology setups for R&S and service provider
I've been getting lots of offline requests lately to post the
Internetwork Expert topologies in Dynamips/Dynagen form, so I've created
a white paper about it:

For those of you unfamiliar with the software package you can
use it to boot real IOS images for the 7206, 3620, 3640, and 3660 on
your desktop PC to create a CCIE lab environment.


Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593 (R&S/SP)
[email protected]
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    Nice thing dude !

    So I may consider , instead of buying all that equipment for preparing for CCIE R&S , I can use my PC with a inovatice software.

    I saw lately , a progam like this Dynamips - Cisco 7200 Simulator . I think is the same .. ( maybe not the same version ).

    So , I mean , if you don't have so much dinero , you can just get yourself a good computer and practice like a PC / lab rat ? icon_lol.gif
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    !30.... right you are. I have downloaded the software and have it setup. Have not done any lab work yet but have set it up and actually logged into the virtual routers and tinkered a bit. VERY cool and a big cost saver. I plan on doing 80% of my lab work with this setup, and 20% on rented rack space somewhere.
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    for now i'm sticking with my hardware ... but this is very cool
    someone is soon going to come out with emulated lab enviornments
    for training ... many people would pay 200 for an emulated
    ccie lab instead of real routers for 5k ....
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    Heck yes. I'd pay mucho denero for an emulated lab long as it was pretty accurate
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