Best combination of certs

Just wondering what is the best combination of certs to get.

Some say get your certs based on the next job you want to have

Some say mix your certs .i.e. MCSA ,CCNA

Any ideas

I figure A+, Net ,+ MCSA ,and possible MCDST untill i get a network admin type job


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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    Best combination?

    What is it you want to do and what do you currently work with? There is little point to populate ones resume with certifications that are not in areas they work with/in nor have a desire to work with.

    So, I'd ask you first, what do you work with and where do you see yourself best using your skills? The certs that pertain to those areas are the ones you should work on. The rest...only tackle if you have money just sitting around. You can read up on them, but if you won't use the skills...save the money and get better and more skilled at the material you do work with.
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,054 Admin
    The "best combination" is whatever certs your employer wants you to have to keep your job and get raises and promotions. Have a look at the postings on job boards like monster.com, dice.com, and hotjobs.com and check what certs employers are looking for in the jobs that you'd take. Start by searching for a specific, common cert, like the MCSE or CCNA, and see what other certs employers would also like the applicants for the job to have. A common pattern of associated certifications will reveal itself.
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    TrailerisfTrailerisf Member Posts: 455
    Watch out for the morons in HR asking for a blanket of certs...

    ie... CCNA,CCNP or CCIE required for an entry lvl job.

    Alot of times they just try and find every cert under the sun and for a wish list.

    Experience and certs will show both the ability to do the current job and a desire for knowledge to do the job in the future.
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    Basically the deal is this... I basically do desktop and network support for a state agency. A+..Net + MCDST.. MCSA will cover all my experience up to present. I had the old MCSENT and CCNA and i couldnt get much more than a school system job in IT. After a few bumps in the road I am back focused on what i want to do which is net security . I undestand the road and learning curve will be hard. At this point I am looking for a network admin job where i can learn some more and finish mcse 2k3 then jump into net security certs
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