how can i pass INTRO

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I'm going to take CCNA INTRO exam so plzz some one tell me how long it will take to prepare it & what's the most imprting topics that i must fucus


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    It depends on how much experience you have in Networking, if you have a strong networking background it shouldn't be too hard, If your coming fresh into the Intro you should get some Cisco press books and start reading. I personally used the Odom books from Cisco press to prepare for my INTRO and ICND exams. The Network + is also a good cert if you have no networking experience before going for the CCNA. Topics on the Intro include subnetting, osi model, basics of switching etc. You should check Cisco for an exact list of topics.
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    You can find the INTRO Topics on the Cisco Website.

    If you're doing the 2 exam option for the CCNA you'll eventually want the information for the ICND exzm too.

    You might also find some helpful information in the CCNA Forum FAQ and CCNA Forum TechNotes

    The amount of time it takes to pass any exam depends on your experience, the amount of time you can study per day, your motivation and dedication (to actually study those hours), and your experience. Someone with no networking experience (and very little computer experience) could take 4 months of study and lots of hand on practice, while someone with lots of IT experience and and networking knowledge could pass the exam in a couple of weeks of study and hands on practice.

    Good Luck!
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