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I have seen this question in three books, and a few testing programs, and seen a couple answers.

At what layer of the OSI model, do we find redirectors?

I have seen session and presentation.

Any help? I think presentation, as it's formating data for a computer to use. But that tilts toward application layer too, as the books don't really talk about the redirector, generating any sort of data file or stream. And operating system functionality, does match clorer to application layer.

And perhaps session layer, as winsock and the redirectors seem to have the same purpose, of directing information, so maybe I am gravitating toward session.

Any ideas?


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    I think the exam wants presentation layer as an answer.

    However, don't get too caught up with the term "Redirector"outisde of the N+ exam. You will probably never come across the term in the real world

    When I think of redirects, in relation to networking, I think of ICMP redirects..which would be network layer
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