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Hi there people,

Was wondering if the first step to the wireless field, by learning/taking Wireless# ?

Am i doing the right way, by learning wireless# first then to CWNA?


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    Don't take my word on this as I'm new to this forum, but from what I can tell Wireless# does come before CWNA in the wireless cert tree. I've been going over some CWNA material and it's really not all that difficult, so from my limited experience I say go str8 to CWNA. Anyway, that's just my .02... I'm sure JDMurray will have something to say about this...

    I just read a post a few rows down about this same topic. Anyway, go check it out. It's called "Wireless# or CWNA"...might shed some insight
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    I did covered this question in another thread: http://www.techexams.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=18589

    The bottom line is that the CWNA covers only 802.11 networks, which is the popular Wi-Fi networking that commonly used today. Wireless# covers a wide variety of wireless communications, including RFID, WiMAX, and Infrared. You need to decide which wireless communications path you most need to follow and start with that cert exam. Most IT networking people should start with the CWNA, as it is likely to be the most useful to them.
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    thx for guiding, will try to see which courses suits me best.
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