Not trying to bash the cert but i have 5 years of support experience with XP AND OFFICE .Althoughnot an expert I know my way around

I know it counts as an elective on MCSA but besides that I dont see the need.

I havent seen many jobs requiring the cert but that may be because its new.


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    TransatlanticTransatlantic Member Posts: 120
    It's an entry level cert to be sure, and most likely viewed on the same level as comptia's A+. Funnily enough my company has just started requiring that we all obtain this certification, so maybe its starting to become more popular.

    A side benefit is that in addition to your MCDST I think you also gain MCP status, and from what I've seen it doesn't appear to be a terribly hard exam to pass. I'm aiming to take mine soon, mainly due to the fact that work will pay for the exam if I pass, so I figure that makes it worthwhile.
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    The main thing for me is the costs.. I am footing the bill so i need to make every decision cost effective.

    basically what i am getting at is this .. around the first of the year gonna knock out 70-270-70-290 .. i can use A+/Net + or MCDST as my elective then jump on the BEAST called 70-291 to get my MCSA. Will revise my resume with A+,N+orMCDSTwith theMCSA ride those certs while finishing MCSE. i am hoping my experience along with MCSA etc can get me into a better postion.
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    goforthbmerrygoforthbmerry Member Posts: 244
    If money is the issue, I would skip the MCDST. It takes two tests to get one elective of the MCSA. Unless you really want to be a help desk tech (nothing wrong with that, I do it for now), I would take another elective. Security+ counts for both the MCSA and the MCSE. It gives another cert with value, it counts for both (MCDST only counts for MCSA), and you only pay for one test. The MCSA will look much better on a resume.
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    I am going to retract my statement... the other day at work i used something that i read in a 70-272 book and it worked like a charm

    even though i wont get the mcdst i feel for those starting out its a good deal along with A+ and net +

    it will get you something to work with
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    OpiOpi Member Posts: 127
    i would do these exams only if my employer would pay for this, just the have more on the resume, else not
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