Question about Frames on CCNA

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When I took my CCNA class at my local college several months ago, my instructor told me that they don't go into alot of in depth detail on frames and that they save that for the CCNP exam.....

My question do you know if they go into the actual parts of the frame? I know the Sybex book goes into detail regarding the header information of the frames etc, but my instructor said don't worry about that part, in that it won't be on the exam, but I just wanted other opinions here....

Thanx a bunch! I'm trying to cover 1 chapter every 2 days in the Sybex book and am reviewing each chapter again once I get done with the one after it. I also got another great book from Amazon on the way and will be working like crazy with the Virtual Lab. I just want to make sure I pass this the first time. Since it's been awhile since I've taken the class, I forgot alot of it, although since I was exposed to it in the class, it's not totally gone, just forgotten....

Anyway, thanx in advance regarding the question on frames....


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    Yes, the questions arent hard, are about frames: 802.2, 802.3 and differences between (length field & type field)... no depth, no more

    instead about switching-types: store-and-forward, cut-through and fragment-free the questions show a frame diagram and u have to identify each type... itsnt hard, just u read very slowly and carefully.

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